Lake Rotoiti, St Arnauds or Murchison?

wairau valley

The inevitable Wairau Valley vineyard

This is a new route for me and it should be a pleasant drive along the Wairau Valley. I’ll have a look at St Arnaud, it sounds so French, and at at Lake Rotoiti. The sandflies and wasps are said to be horrific 😦 I will probably stay the night at Murchison

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 9.35.01 PM.png

With scenery like this it is tempting to stay here and I can always be flexible 🙂


The classic view of Lake Rotoiti.

Things to do:
– Take a walk through the Murchison township; visit the museum for a fascinating insight into the history of Murchison and its people

“The world’s earliest non-military suicide attack is believed to have occurred in Murchison on 14 July 1905. A long-standing dispute between two farmers resulted in a court case, and the defendant (Joseph Sewell) had sticks of gelignite strapped to his body. When Sewell excitedly shouted during the court sitting about the other farmer “I’ll blow the devil to hell, and I have enough dynamite to do just that”, he was ushered out of the building. Sewell detonated the charge when a police officer tried to arrest him on the street, and his body was blown to pieces, but nobody else died from their injuries.”

Dinner is sorted. Dasha spotted this on the way in to Murchison, loving the art and from the reviews, the food is excellent.


Dasha’s photo from April 2016. I will be dining at the Cow Shed Restaurant!—murchison

Murchison Accomodation : Riverside Holiday Park,

19 Riverview Rd, Murchison

Phone 03 523 9591

$25.00 per night, free wi-fi.