To Queenstown but which way . . . choices!


A Queenstown drawcard (and my own photo, better than I could find on the internet!).

I think I will go via the Crown range again, the other way I can do on the trip back to the McKenzie Country.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 7.48.50 PM

When Dasha and I travelled from Wanaka to Queenstown we programmed ‘Missy’, the newly purchased GPS, to get us there. There were choices with that also – the most economical, fastest, etc. At that stage (and still) I wasn’t too familiar with the workings of a GPS and can’t remember what I put in, but Missy did a great job and we went via Cardrona, the way I wanted to go. Clever! Cardrona of the famous (in New Zealand) pub and the bra fence! There was also an awesome toilet with beautiful artistic tiles.

Going over the Crown Range was interesting and the lookout at the top, lovely but we didn’t see any Keas, sadly. This time maybe?


The road is somewhat better now 🙂


I have to return to Arrowtown too *blush* and park well away from the main street that I partially went down the wrong way (a one way street) and had to get someone to reverse back for me. We left quite quickly after that so didn’t really get to appreciate the beautiful scenery  :(. Before then we spent a lot of time going round in circles trying to find the main street, I was doomed, really! This time I would like to do it with ease and on foot. There are around 60 historic style wooden shops. Unfortunately it won’t be autumn with the beautiful autumnal colours. There is also an historical Chinese settlement walk that looks very interesting. Arrowtown was originally a gold mining town after gold was discovered there in 1862.


It was really narrow for an small camper van 😦 and I was not going this way, I was coming from the other end.

I didn’t like Queenstown for the first hour I was there. I was extremely stressed and grumpy (again, poor Dasha). It is not a RV friendly town at all, the streets were narrow and the parking hideous, however once we got to the motor camp all changed (and it wasn’t the one I had initially chosen). I will be returning there.


One night here I think, just to mooch and relax. I had thought of paragliding but a friend that did got motion sickness.


Click to access arrowtown-chinese-settlement-lowres.pdf

Accomodation: Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels Creeksyde
$60 per night, wifi (cost unknown)
Address: 54 Robins Rd, Queenstown 9300
Phone:03-442 9447